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Treatment of Asthma at Home

Over 5 million people in the UK now suffer from asthma, 1 in every 10 children and 1 in every 12 adults is asthmatic and the problem is escalating. The cost to the NHS is 900 million a year. Asthma affects the bronchial tubes leading to our lungs resulting in …

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Can sleep apnea be life threatening?

Yes, sleep apnea can be life threating if not treated timely. It’s a serious disorder characterized by pauses in breathing when one is sleeping. With apnea, your sleep is always broken, and your brain is not able to decide whether to sleep or breath. Worse still, apnea can make your …

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How to do Perfect Dumbbell Chest Fly

Dumbbells have an added advantage over fixed machines in performing fly’s exercises especially because they incorporate more stabilization fibers and muscle mass. This exercise targets the pectoral muscles, even though some of your biceps, forearm and shoulder muscles may be used. You can perform this exercise through the following steps. …

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The Benefits of Adding Fruits to Your Life

A Fruity Confession… I’m a fruits addict, and cannot imagine my life without constantly binging on one sweet variety after another. There is something about these little ‘love nuggets’ of nature that reaches deep into my soul. And my trusty Spectrum plans connection doesn’t help much either; in terms of …

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How many types of Healthy Coffee

Every people drink coffee in regular life. but people don’t know the types of healthy coffee. Naturally Coffee is good for health but if we drink more coffee in a day that time coffee is not good for health. Many types of Coffee are available like cold coffee, creamy coffee, …

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Some Basic tips for Teeth Pain

Teeth Pain is a common problem for every person. Today every person face teeth problem. Many Dental Hospital is available for Teeth problem and they all hospital and dental are doing their job very well. but Many people are so poor that they do not get the doctor and dentist fees. A …

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